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Welcome Readers of Ohio Trust & Estate Blog!

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Mike Bonasera of The Ohio Trust & Estate Blog graciously wrote a post about KYEstates after my telephone conversation with him today.  Mike is a great guy who was really generous with his time, and full of helpful, specific suggestions for making KYEstates the best possible resource for the Kentucky T&E Community.  Mike’s been blogging since January 2007, and has deep archives to match.  His T&E blog is the most-trafficked resource out there for Ohio.  If you visit Ohio T&EB, you’ll find a lively mix of coverage on T&E events in the news, recent developments, and public policy.  KYEstates is pleased by positive feedback from Juan Antunez, Mike, and Kevin O’Keefe, each of whom is a leader in T&E blogging (Juan and Mike) or legal blogging more generally (Kevin).  Thanks for the advice and support, guys — it’s a boost as I continue to grow KYEstates into the best T&E blog in Kentucky!  You are true examples of the “sharing ethic” of Web 2.0 at its best. Ohio T&E Blog visitors, welcome, and we hope you’ll be back often.  Kentucky prides itself on its hospitality, and at KYEstates, we do too.

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